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Project Description:

Logline: Teatro de Oro is a compelling documentary that chronicles the history of theater in Puerto Rico, focusing on its revival during the decades of the 1940s, 50s, 60s, and 70s.

Story Summary / Synopsis: Teatro de Oro delves into the roots and evolution of Puerto Rican theater, from its origins in "Areito" and "bomba" rituals to the influence of the Spanish era and the impacts of theater during the world wars. The documentary takes audiences on a captivating journey through the years 1937 to 1978, exploring the work of iconic figures such as Diplo, Leopoldo Santiago Lavandero, Emilio Belaval, Alejandro Tapia, Salvador Brau, Victoria Espinosa, René Marqués, Francisco Arriví, Miriam Colón, Ricardo Alegría, Manuel Méndez Ballester, Luis Rafael Sánchez, "Maito" Fernández Cortines, Gloria Saez, Myrna Casas, and many more. Teatro de Oro highlights the efforts and passion of those who fought to revive and strengthen Puerto Rico's theater industry, showcasing its transformative power as a form of artistic and social expression.

Topic Summary: The documentary explores the resurgence of Puerto Rican theater during pivotal decades, shedding light on its cultural, social, and political significance. It takes viewers on a historical journey that spans from the roots of theater to its pivotal role in preserving and shaping Puerto Rican identity. The film showcases the contributions of cultural institutions such as the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture and the Ateneo Puertorriqueño, highlighting their support in fostering the growth and diversification of theater on the island. Through emotional testimonies, historical footage, and dramatic recreations, Teatro de Oro immerses audiences in the rich and vibrant history of Puerto Rican theater, capturing its profound impact on cultural heritage.

Artistic Approach: Teatro de Oro employs a multi-dimensional approach that combines interviews, historical imagery, and scene recreations of moments and fragments of scenes to capture the essence of Puerto Rican theater history in a minimalistic way. The film seamlessly weaves together narrative elements with visual and auditory components, creating an immersive experience for viewers. By blending voices from the past with artistic reimaginings, the documentary captures the essence of Puerto Rican cultural identity through the lens of theater. The creative approach enhances the documentary's engagement and impact, allowing audiences to connect with the historical and cultural significance of Puerto Rican theater.

Project Stage and Timeline: The project is currently in post-production, with a timeline of approximately 90 minutes. Production activities have been ongoing since April 2021, including collecting footage, conducting interviews, and curating archival materials. Post-production work, including editing, animation, music composition, archival clearances.. The anticipated completion date is expected by the end of the year. 

Audience and Distribution Strategies:

Distribution and Marketing Strategy: The film's distribution strategy includes plans for festival screenings, theatrical releases, and community events. Efforts will be made to secure national & international broadcast and distribution platforms to reach a broader audience.

Intended Audience: Teatro de Oro is intended for a general audience, transcending geographical and language barriers. The documentary aims to engage individuals interested in theater, history, cultural preservation, and identity. By presenting Puerto Rican history through a unique lens, the film also seeks to attract audiences interested in diverse perspectives of American culture and global cultural heritage.

Audience Engagement and Social Impact: The documentary's potential for social engagement lies in its ability to catalyze discussions about identity, culture, and history. Audience engagement strategies include partnerships with cultural organizations, educational guides, targeted community screenings, social media campaigns, and multi-platform activities. By fostering dialogue and reflection, the film encourages viewers to explore their own identities and the power of cultural expression. Existing partnerships with cultural and educational organizations will further enhance the film's impact on audiences and communities.

Key Creative Personnel:

  • CAESAR OSIRIS - DIRECTOR & EDITOR, PRODUCER | Caesar Osiris is a Puerto Rican filmmaker and line-producer based in Los Angeles. As the Founder of LAB H Media, he is known for his multidisciplinary approach to art, creating content for brands, and managing projects. He has collaborated with Warner Brothers, VivaGlam, Sea-Shepherd, H&M, among others. His portfolio encompasses short films, documentaries, commercials, music videos, and sketch comedy. He is also recognized for his contributions to the sustainable and vegan industries. Author of "Happy Days Everyday" and recipient of the "Best Score" award at the Culver City Film Festival for his film "Firelighting" in 2021. He will also premiere at Outfest 2023 as Line-Producer for the film "F.L.Y."

  • JAMES ADOMIAN - ACTOR & PRODUCER | James Adomian is a versatile American comedian, actor, and impressionist known for his exceptional comedic talent and spot-on celebrity impersonations. With a magnetic stage presence, Adomian has graced various platforms, from stand-up comedy showcases to acclaimed television shows like "Comedy Bang! Bang!" and "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson." His sharp wit and uncanny ability to embody a wide range of characters, including Bernie Sanders, Jesse Ventura, and Paul Giamatti, have earned him a reputation as a comedic chameleon. Adomian's comedic prowess, combined with his engaging performances, have solidified his status as a prominent figure in the world of comedy and entertainment.

  • ALAIN EMILE - FILM COMPOSER | Alain Emile is a multi-instrumentalist film and media composer from Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, currently based in Los Angeles, California. His minimalist and unconventional style brings an experimental and collaborative approach to film and media composition. His work has been showcased at renowned festivals, including Cannes, and his debut feature film, "A Place in The Field," was acquired by Lionsgate's Grindstone Entertainment Group. He has also composed music for a micro-documentary on the origins of salsa for Bad Bunny's headline performance at Coachella 2023. Alain also releases independent music under the pseudonym Pablo Swiss, with his debut album recognized among the top ambient music releases on Bandcamp.

  • GABRIEL LEYVA - ACTOR, CREATIVE PRODUCER & NARRATOR | Gabriel Leyva, a graduate of the USC School of Dramatic Arts master's program, has an impressive body of work. Notable highlights include Noise Within Theater's "Alice in Wonderland," Amazon Prime's "Orígen of Juanes," and his role as David in the SXSW-premiered and awarded film "Receta No Incluída."

  • PETRA BRAVO - CHOREOGRAPHER | Petra Bravo is a renowned Cuban dancer and choreographer with a distinguished career in dance. She arrived in Puerto Rico in 1968 and founded companies such as Ballet 70 and Hincapié. For over 20 years, she taught dance at the University of Puerto Rico in Río Piedras, leaving a profound impact on her students. Her dedication and contributions to the field of dance have made her an iconic and admired figure in Puerto Rico's artistic community.


Financial Info:

Fundraising Strategy: The project aims to raise funds through fiscal sponsorship, enabling access to grants and donations that require nonprofit status. Prospective funders will be approached, including Foundation A, Foundation B, Private Donations, Crowdfunding, and other potential sources. The total fundraising goal is 93,000. The fiscal sponsorship program will provide a platform to secure necessary funds for the project's completion.

Funding to Date: The project has raised approximately 20,000  from private individuals. Other funding sources are currently under consideration, with deadline on August 15th, 2023.  In order to apply for that 25,000 grant from the Institute of Culture of Puerto Rico the project needs to have a 501 status. 

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Director Work Sample:

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Project Work Sample:


Teatro de Oro is a compelling and timely documentary that brings Puerto Rican theater history to life. By showcasing the creators, plays, and movements that defined the island's theatrical landscape, the film offers a unique perspective on Puerto Rican culture and identity. The documentary's artistic approach, engagement strategies, and potential social impact make it a valuable contribution to cultural and historical discourse. With a strong foundation and a clear vision, Teatro de Oro is poised to resonate with audiences worldwide and leave a lasting impression. Through fiscal sponsorship, the project aims to secure the necessary funds to complete production and share this important story with the world.

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